AGE: 6
BREED: I’m not telling!!
BIRTHDAY: 12th November (but I’m happy to cerebrate EVERY day)
LIKE: treats treats treats and chasing
DISLIKE: strange people walking past my house
NAUGHTY BITS: I sometimes get sooo excited by the treats I accidentally rip your pocket off to get them! Oh and I do sometimes frighten other dogs when I chase them but they soon get used to me!
CUTE BITS: My MASSIVE ears and tiny legs 

Notes from my mum:

Right from the moment I met Milo I fell completely in love with him, his little legs, and huge ears along with his lively cheeky personality. I knew we would be best friends!

As a puppy Milo had found his way to the dogs trust after being abused and left at the side of the road in a terrible state. He spent the next 6 months going from home to home five different times each one bringing him back because he had misbehaved. I could see he just needed loving and stable home. Now Milo has found his forever home and is spoilt rotten living the life of luxury what every dog deserves



MY NAME: Scout
AGE: 3 (or thereabouts)
BREED: Breton (Brittany Spaniel)
MY BIRTHDAY: I don’t really know so I celebrate with my sister Dora
LIKE: Squirrels, my frisbee, squirrels, tennis ball, squirrels, cheese, squirrels, my sister (and squirrels)
DISLIKE: puppies ( although I’m getting WAY more tolerant of them) having my harness on ( I hide under the table when my aunties Nikki, Debbie or Sara come to collect me)
NAUGHTY BITS: I do sometimes run off a bit too far when I’m following the smell of a squirrel or deer and I might sometimes ignore you when you call me but it’s ok, I can hear you…
CUTE BITS: My fluffy coat when I need a haircut. Behaving like a puppy sometimes (I missed this bit the first time around)

What my mum says:
Scout was rescued on 12th December 2016 from a perrera (dog pound) in North Spain with his brother, he was about 5 months old, we don’t know what had happened to him before that, god knows! We adopted him February 2017 from ‘Spaniel Aid UK’ who had worked with ‘save our spaniels rescue’ to get them out of the perrera. He is an absolute loving angel, rescuing Scout is the best and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. He’s perfect (to me anyway ?) xxx






AGE: nearly 11
BREED: Hungarian Vizsla
BIRTHDAY: 27th June
LIKE: Barking! Barking for treats and barking for tennis balls or just because I’m excited or worried
THINGS THAT ANNOY ME: Timekeeping! I get very cross when my dogwalker arrives too late (or too early!). And also when they stop to talk to people on my walks – I get bored of chatting VERY quickly
MAIN SKILL: Turning a minor incident into a major crisis. Chaos just seems to follow me around!
NAUGHTY BITS: I don’t really like new dogs joining the pack so sometimes chase them away! Sometimes I just show them who’s boss in other ways which apparently is very rude ??
CUTE BITS: When I’m running with my dumbo ears flapping and I trip over my VERY long legs!

I am THE senior dog at Apperley Dogs and Cats! Everyone’s heard of me (and heard me ?), everyone loves me and I’m world-famous (well on the Leeds and Bradford dog walking circuit) I even went to a party in Nottingham once and they’ve never forgotten me…