Terms & Conditions


Privacy Policy

Your personal information will be kept private and confidential.

Our records will be stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


By signing this agreement, you give permission for Apperley Dogs and Cats to use their photos of your pet on their Facebook page and for advertising.

o We will never disclose your address or any other personal information Please advise if you prefer us NOT to refer to your pet by name in

advertising/Facebook posts


We will obtain a copy of your house key during our initial consultation Keys will not be labelled with your address
Your keys will always be held securely and separate from your alarm codesUpdates

Please inform us of any changes regarding your contact numbers, your pet’s care needs,your emergency contact details, vet and other useful information.

Our Holidays

We will always advise you of our holiday dates at least 3 months in advance and, on request, will provide you with details of alternative pet care professionals to allow you to make alternative arrangements whilst we are away

Weekends and Bank Holidays

We only work at weekends and over public holidays if we have advance bookings so please give as much notice as possible if you require pet care at these times. Last minute requests may not be possible

o Weekends–atleast2week’snotice
o Public Holidays – at least 1 month’s notice

Inclement Weather

You will entrust Apperley Dogs and Cats to use best judgment in caring for your pet(s) and home during inclement weather. We will always try to carry out your instructions as agreed to the best of our ability. However, in cases of extreme weather, we may contact you with alternative arrangements if necessary.



All possible care is taken to ensure the suitability and safety of our pet care services.

We are fully insured for public liability, accident, loss and transportation of your pets and loss of keys.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your property, its contents and your pets are also adequately insured by you

Our staff are DBS Checked


Apperley Dogs and Cats staff will act as guardian to your pet in your absence and, if you are not contactable, make emergency decisions regarding their health and welfare.

We will contact you as soon as practical if your pet is seriously ill or injured whilst in our care but please note that in some cases the priority may be to get him/her to the vet as quickly as possible

You agree to Apperley Dogs and Cats staff carrying out any emergency first aid procedure deemed necessary for the safety and welfare of your pet

Apperley Dogs and Cats will arrange emergency vet treatment for your pet if we should consider it necessary

If it is not practical to use your own vet, we will take your pet to Tweed House in Yeadon or Towerwoods in Greengates

By signing this agreement, you authorise your vet …………………………………………………. to share information with Tweed House or Towerwoods if necessary

You will be responsible for the costs of vet treatment as above

Any minor injuries or illness will be treated by us at home and will be reported to you at the end of the day

Please do not send your dog to daycare or on a group walk if he/she is unwell – a home visit or solo walk can usually be arranged instead

We will follow your instructions to administer any medication required by your pet whilst in our care but cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result.

Please advise us if your cat or other small animal is ill when we are due to visit, together with details of any additional care needed

We will not walk your bitch if she is in season. If you would like house visits instead, please contact us to discuss

Un-neutered males can sometimes be difficult to manage around other dogs. Although we fully respect your decision as to if/when to have your dog neutered, we may find that group walks, daycare or homeboarding are not suitable as he gets older. Every dog is different so un-neutered

males in our group will be carefully monitored and we will discuss any problems/changes in behaviour with you.


We prefer to walk your dogs off lead to make sure they have the best experience possible and are free to run and play. However, we appreciate that some dogs do need to stay on a lead for safety. We do periodically visit secure dog fields to make sure all dogs have an off-lead experience

Please tick to indicate that you are happy for your dog to be let off lead when we consider it safe and secure to do so

o Wedonotwalknearpublicroads.
o All dogs are on lead when leaving and approaching car parks.
o We ensure that your dogs are under close control around horses, cows and other livestocko We ensure that your dogs are under close control around members of the public
o We will never let your dog off lead until we are confident that he/she will come back to us

when called

In the unlikely event of your dog going missing whilst in our care, we will contact you within 30 minutes

We reserve the right to cancel, shorten or change the time of walks if:

o extreme weather conditions would make walking your dog unsafe
o a pet in our care is suddenly taken seriously ill or injured and in need immediate medical

o on arrival to collect your dog, we consider he/she is not well enough for a walk
o In the above circumstances we will contact you as soon as possible to advise of alternative

arrangements and your fees will be refunded/adjusted accordingly


Please ensure that full pet-care fees are paid either weekly or monthly as agreed Fees for boarding and housesitting are payable in advance

In the event that additional items need to be purchased while we are boarding or sitting your pets (eg pet food, litter, or other essential items) we will purchase these, retain a receipt and you will be responsible for reimbursement of these items on your return.

We do not generally charge for cancelled walks. However, if we arrive at your house and cannot gain access/your dog is not there/you cancel when we arrive, then a fee will be charged

Our daycare places are limited and always in demand so we do have to charge 50% if daycare is cancelled without adequate notice. Please let us know by 5pm on the previous day if you will not need your daycare space. This gives us the opportunity to offer the place to someone else. We will not charge for late cancellation if:

o Your dog is ill
o Weather conditions prevent you from travelling to work/to us

Please give us as much notice as possible to cancel or change cat/small animal care

We do not charge a retainer fee while your dog is away during your holidays as long as these dates have been advised to us at least a week in advance