Fun in the Sun …. Safer Dog Walking @ Apperley Dogs and Cats

Here at Apperley Dogs and Cats, we are loving walking your dogs in this warm sunny weather

But like us, our four legged friends need to take care in the heat. Here are a few things we do to help them cope. These ideas may be useful for you too:

Give them a break from playing ball in the park, try a stroll through the shady woods instead and enjoy the peace and quiet (and look out for fairy houses, painted rocks and carvings). Your dogs may like just lying in the long damp grass or having a paddle in the canal or river

Avoid walking on the pavements. if its too hot for your bare feet it will burn your dog’s paws

When lunchtime outings are unavoidable, keep their walks short. We have been enjoying beautiful early morning walks with our daycare dogs. They’ve then been happy to laze in the shade or play in the paddling pool, keeping cool with cold damp towels and frozen treats

Know the signs of heatstroke and keep a close watch on your dogs – check this link for info…/