So you think we walk dogs?

Well yes of course we do… but we also do much much more with them!

Building a great relationship with your dogs is so important to us …. we do this through play, learning and fun activities.  Playing games keeps them focusing on us instead of disappearing after squirrels!

Here are just a few of the things they get up to:


Playing together  Definitely the best thing about being a dog walker is helping the dogs to socialise and learn to play together. And for them, their daily walk is not just about getting some fresh air and exercise but also a chance to be with other dogs  It’s important that their play time is carefully controlled and safe – this is where we come in…  Our big dogs particularly, are VERY excitable!  They love to run and chase but they have to be stopped frequently to cool off to avoid playtime ending in a fight!


Sniffing and searching   did you know that dogs have around 300 million scent receptors in their noses? We have just 6 million! So it’s hardly surprising that they are very good at using their noses to search for things…so another thing we encourage is hunting for things while out and about (usually cheese!) is a great way to keep their noses and their brains busy


Playing with the humans!  Dogs just love human company and playing with them is so important in building relationships. We have a great time playing with your dogs when we are out and about, either in groups or one to one if they prefer


Whistle training Luckily for us, most of your dogs are good at coming back when they are called. But occasionally they will go too far, dash off after squirrels or simply not want to come back until they have finished sniffing that leaf!

But sometimes, especially with a group of dogs, it’s important that they come back to us FAST (maybe to avoid a cyclist or horse rider, someone with their dog on a lead or a group of children)

So why is a whistle better than your voice alone?

The whistle sound carries further if your dog is a distance away.

A whistle can’t show emotion – it’s often the sound of our fear, anger or frustration that stops them from coming back!



Whistles are easily transferred between handles, ensuring the dog returns to whoever is walking them


So what about playing ball?  Yes we do play ball with the dogs but definitely in moderation! The ball thrower comes out very occasionally or we will have a few turns with a ball they find in the woods – everyone’s favourite game! But like any ‘sport’ it needs some  consideration and common sense!  The vast majority of our dogs go crazy for ball games but they don’t give any thought to the potential damage caused from the acceleration, changes of direction and emergency braking involved in repeatedly playing ball.  So we have to think for them!

We don’t play ball with young pups to avoid damage to their immature joints, We play in moderation with your fit, healthy adult dogs – our Maggie LOVES playing ball (and we love playing with her!) but she only gets to do it occasionally.  And we avoid ball games altogether with older dogs or those with injuries


Doggy days out  Like us, our doggy pals can become bored with the same walks day in day out. Although we have a few different walks in both Calverley and Buck Woods, the dogs we walk every day can get too familiar with our routes and become bored (and naughty!) And so we mix it up a bit to keep their interest… we like to take them out for a treat from time to time

We visit secure dog fields  – a treat for our on-lead dogs to be free to run and play, other local walking areas or a little further afield at the weekend


And what do we do for you?

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